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Plaid Friday

An alternative to Dark Friday; Plaid Friday encourages visitors to do their own holiday shopping with independently owned and separate companies the day following Thanksgiving. Created in '09 and embraced in New England in 2010.

E.F. Made a Decision to purchase all of his holiday presents out of his towns independent retailers on Plaid Friday this Calendar Year, instead of hiking to the mall for Black Friday

Thankyou PLAID FRIDAY for celebrating 20-19

Show your support to independent and local businesses and wear PLAID

Plaid Friday observes the diversity and ingenuity of both independent and local companies. It truly is an enjoyable and pleasurable alternate into the large box shop"Black Friday" client frenzy. It's a way to demonstrate your service for our economy. Therefore aim PLAID on November 29th!

Plaid Friday Record


Plaid Friday was made in Oakland, CA to bring the times back when buying friends and family proved to be a gratifying exercise that was holiday. Today it is celebrated through the country as part of the Shop Indie Neighborhood Marketing Campaign.

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Read More Regarding the Monadnock Location Indie Impact Study and also Top Ten Reasons to Obtain Regional.

Remember to help spread the phrase and then suspend posters and reveal pictures on social networking.

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Are you really currently an unbiased small business owner? Find out ways to participate in Plaid Friday. Today, email us!


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These companies vow to photograph clients decked out in reply questions regarding Plaid Friday and plaid on November 29th.

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